Your Financial Journey

Mar 25, 2022 10:11:17 AM / by InvestorKeep


Your Financial Journey 

Money is a tool to accomplish life goals. Like any other resource, rewards are reaped when it is managed well. Each phase of life’s journey carries new levels of complexity. InvestorKeep helps navigate this complexity by simplifying the journey and ensuring the right products and services are in the right mix to help us meet our goals. Proper alignment of financial accounts with financial goals helps build a solid foundation.


The question is: how do we measure progress toward accomplishing our goals? InvestorKeep utilizes industry-standard financial ratios designed to keep us on our financial path while providing warnings (alerts) if we veer too far off. There are four specific financial areas to align properly for maximum efficiency: Debt, security, performance, and liquidity.


1. Debt: Housing costs and expenses compared to income level as well total debt and net-worth compared to assets provides a view of debt tolerance and is designed to ensure we stay within healthy debt parameters. Inappropriate debt can eat away at your short and long-term financial plan.

2. Financial Security: Is enough being saved to ensure you have a safety net and enough for eventual retirement?

3. Account Performance: Its crucial assets are working well and managed efficiently. Return on investments, assets, and net-worth highlights how efficiently and should be reviewed with a financial professional annually (at a minimum).

3. Liquidity: A life-altering event can significantly affect long-term savings and retirement accounts. Dipping into retirement accounts can cause tax consequences and cost more in the long run than most people realize. Having enough savings to cover for unforeseen circumstances gives time to adjust to life-altering events.


As we embark on life’s journey, InvestorKeep will be there all along to provide warnings and alerts when concerns or opportunities arrive. These alerts give the information needed to have financial professionals take appropriate action on our behalf.






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