Your Bond is Calling

Jun 10, 2021 8:42:33 PM / by InvestorKeep




Your Bond has been called


When you purchase a bond, you enter an agreement with the issuer. They will pay you a certain amount of interest on the money you’ve loaned them, and they will repay you by some guaranteed date. Some bonds provide the issuer a feature that allows them to pay the bond off early. These types of bonds are named callable bonds. Some investors like callable bonds because they typically carry higher interest rates (since the issuer has the right to pay it off early, good for them, but eliminating your chance to earn interest).  


If interest rates drop, bond issuers can sometimes refinance the bonds at a lower interest rate, making it advantageous for them to “call” your bond and pay it off early. InvestorKeep will send you an alert any time a bond is called so you can decide what to do with the proceeds.  


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