Why InvestorKeep?

Sep 14, 2021 8:27:18 PM / by InvestorKeep


InvestorKeep was born out of the idea that customers are vulnerable. It's a terrible feeling to feel vulnerable. It’s how some of us feel when we go to the auto mechanic. If we know nothing about cars, we don’t know if the repair job is the right thing to fix our vehicle or if we are paying the right price. So when the mechanic says, “what do you think about this option?” some of us (myself included) throw our hands up and comply as if we have no choice.  


Many of us feel the same way when we meet with our financial professional(s). Advisors provide investment advice filled with financial speak; beta, alpha, standard deviation. Or, when meeting with a banker about a mortgage, we are left trying to decipher LTV, DTI, and FICO. We may shrug our shoulders and go along, but the feeling of vulnerability remains: We are left wondering if the product is the right fit, at the right price, and if it's of the quality we need. 


InvestorKeep was designed to enhance your relationship with your financial professionals by simplifying “financial speak”. Working in the background, InvestorKeep constantly monitors your accounts 24/7, and when areas of concern or opportunity are uncovered, alerts you immediately. Alerts are designed to be shared quickly and easily with your financial professional, saving and earning you money. 


InvestorKeep does not replace your financial advisor. Finance is gaining in complexity, and decisions we make can impact our lives significantly (for better or worse). Having a great, trustworthy, financial advisor is imperative to financial planning. Combining InvestorKeep’s digital platform with your financial advisor is a powerful way to protect and expand your financial future. 


InvestorKeep serves throughout your financial and investment life, keeping you on track to achieve your financial goals.





Written by InvestorKeep

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