Understanding InvestorKeep Alerts: Account Fees

Sep 2, 2021 11:20:10 AM / by Michael Dailey


Fees are probably the most unrecognized drain on individual investment accounts. Investors generally have no idea how much they are paying in fees or whether the amount is appropriate. Lifetime fees on an entire portfolio can exceed $300,000!


Financial statements and websites are not always helpful when it comes to fees. It seems as if fees are purposely hidden or obscured. While not all fees are bad (or avoidable), and sometimes you get what you pay for (higher fees for better performance), this is not always the case.


Expense fees, management fees, transaction fees, commissions, surrender charges, and custodian fees are all fees that may be eroding your investment returns. It is hard to imagine but a ¾ of 1% change in fees in year one of a $100K investment with a 5% return will cost you $12K over 10 years. You would never realize you lost the money because the losses are unrealized gains. However, if we took $12K out of your paycheck at the end of the 10 years you sure would notice! A combination of different fees on various accounts can seriously erode the financial gains you are hoping to make by investing, to begin with.


InvestorKeep monitors fees that may impact your finances and investment returns. When changes occur, you will receive an alert you can forward to your financial advisor for any necessary adjustments, allowing you to avoid high, unreasonable, or unwarranted fees, while keeping your investments growing at a faster rate.


In addition to the alerts, the Account Fees Snapshot feature on the InvestorKeep Dashboard gives you a way to quickly monitor fees over time.



Michael Dailey

Written by Michael Dailey

Michael Dailey is the Founder and CEO of InvestorKeep, a company passionate about help you save money and maximize your investments. The average investor loses well over $100K to the implications of investment fit, fees, and quality. InvestorKeep gives you an easy way to monitor investments helping you keep and earn more.