Market Increase / Decrease

Aug 12, 2020 3:05:01 PM / by Michael Dailey



InvestorKeep sends alerts when there are big moves in the market. When the market rises or falls by a significant amount (500 points) this alert will be triggered. Big moves in the market often reflect important world events that may have an impact on your portfolio (and therefore, your returns). Big moves occurring frequently reflect volatility in the market and may shift your level of comfort with risk. These large changes in the market can also impact your asset allocation and require working with your financial advisor to rebalance your portfolio.

In addition, large market swings are often accompanied by news stories or advertisements that are meant to instill fear and/or greed. It is important to work with your financial professional to have a plan for volatility, so your money is managed well, and you have greater peace of mind. In 2020 the market has experienced an enormous amount of volatility (up or down 500 points in a day). Do not allow yourself to be immune to the swings but work with your advisor to see how you can plan ahead to potentially take advantage of the opportunities that accompany massive market shifts.



Michael Dailey

Written by Michael Dailey

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