Investing Isn’t A Game

Oct 21, 2021 8:32:06 PM / by Michael Dailey



The Gamestop scenario that played out in front of all of us seems to pit David vs.Goliath in the form of hedge fund managers vs. retail investors. However, when the retail investors have an army of 500,000, it may look a little more like Goliath vs.Goliath. Unfortunately, Robinhood changed the rules midway through the fight in favor of the hedge funds. Above all else, what’s most infuriating, it feels like both sides are just playing a game. The loser of the game is the investor that is not a part of either group and is just along for the wild ride. The GameStop stock was on a roller coaster ride earlier this year, as seen below:





The challenge for you as an individual investor is that you may own GameStop in your portfolio and not even know you’re on a roller coaster ride. Wild fluctuations in stock prices tell you something abnormal is happening and decisions need to be made fairly quickly. This is exactly why InvestorKeep sends you an alert on drastic stock price moves either up or down so that you and/or your financial professional can make the best decisions for your financial future. Investing isn’t a game and your portfolio shouldn’t be at the whim of others treating it as such.






Michael Dailey

Written by Michael Dailey

Michael Dailey is the Founder and CEO of InvestorKeep, a company passionate about help you save money and maximize your investments. The average investor loses well over $100K to the implications of investment fit, fees, and quality. InvestorKeep gives you an easy way to monitor investments helping you keep and earn more.