How alerts work

Nov 2, 2020 10:15:14 AM / by InvestorKeep



InvestorKeep helps investors Save More, Earn More, and Keep More. InvestorKeep alerts are designed to save you money, ensure appropriate (and desired) levels of risk, and help maintain the quality of your investments over time. 

The blueprint of each alert measures specific account details against industry standards, norms, and account history.  This is reported in a straightforward way, making the complex simple while encouraging conversation with and action by your financial professional. 

InvestorKeep is going to alert you to financial situations your financial professional may never notice. As such, Alerts bring transparency and control to your finances in three specific areas; fees, fit, and quality. InvestorKeep monitors all aspects of fees to safeguard you from paying more than an appropriate amount given the level of service you are receiving. The InvestorKeep platform will also review the fit of your accounts and investments to confirm they carry the level of risk you are comfortable with (given your investment goals, age, etc.). Finally, InvestorKeep monitors the quality of your investment holdings as well as the quality of the management of the investments.  

When the InvestorKeep platform detects any areas of opportunity or concern in your financial portfolio, it will send you an alert. These alerts can easily be shared with your financial professional by clicking the “Take Action” button. A pre-formatted message will appear with an explanation of the alert (and the account it is linked to) so your financial professional can make any needed changes. You can rest assured your money is invested the way you want it to be and there is unbiased, third-party monitoring 24/7 for any irregularities.



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