Fund Age

Nov 5, 2021 9:02:32 AM / by Michael Dailey



When investigating mutual funds, one of the areas you want to review is the fund’s age. Younger funds may carry greater risk as there is no track record of consistent performance. Professional portfolio managers often recommend more seasoned funds for this reason. The head of manager research for a major fund firm recently stated, “We’re seeking funds with consistently strong performance relative to their peers. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing whether their strategies have staying power or if they are simply flashes in the pan.” The fund manager went on to explain his firm excludes investment in any fund that has less than three years of performance history. This serves to help investors avoid one-hit-wonders.


InvestorKeep will alert you when your portfolio holds mutual funds that are less than three years old. It is good practice to connect with your financial professional to ensure any of these funds are the correct fit for your financial plan.






Michael Dailey

Written by Michael Dailey

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