Did My Fund Manager Leave Me?

May 12, 2021 1:50:09 PM / by Michael Dailey

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A mutual fund is a professionally managed portfolio of equities, bonds, and other securities. When you become a shareholder in the fund, you participate in the gains or losses of the fund (like you would a stock, but more diversified). The value of the mutual fund depends on the performance of the assets it owns. Who decides what goes into a given fund? The fund manager. Since different portfolio managers manage funds differently, a change in management can impact the performance of the fund.


Since the fund manager is responsible for managing the fund’s trading activities and implementing an investment strategy, they are crucial to the success of the fund and your investment performance. Some funds are managed by more than one person and even teams of people. Since fund management can be so crucial to fund performance, InvestorKeep tracks portfolio managers and sends alerts when fund managers change so you can determine if a particular fund is still right for you.


Investors should fully review the investment style of fund managers before they consider investing in a fund. Working with a financial professional that can assist you in reviewing fund management and performance is highly recommended.




Michael Dailey

Written by Michael Dailey

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