CD Mature Date

Apr 8, 2021 2:28:05 PM / by InvestorKeep

CD Maturity Date


If you own Certificates of Deposit (CDs) you will occasionally receive an alert that your CD has matured. When you purchase a CD, you are making an agreement with the financial institution that sells it. They will pay you interest on the money you’ve deposited and they will release the  funds back to you at a guaranteed future date. When that date arrives the funds will either be released to you or (after a certain time period) automatically reinvested in an identical term CD. 


InvestorKeep sends you the CD maturity alert to ensure you discuss with your financial professional a plan for your next investment. When a CD matures, you may be losing a high-yield investment, and you may want to find a suitable alternative with similar yields and protections. 


Talk to your financial professional about creating a portfolio that protects your returns and fits into your overall financial plan.





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