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Dec 3, 2021 9:42:41 AM / by Michael Dailey




There are three kinds of income; Investment Income, income from personal activities, and employment income. When putting together a financial plan, the goal is to be as efficient as possible, and when it comes to your income, efficiency comes in the form of avoiding taxes.


1. Investment Income: This income stream comes from dividends, interest income, and gains from the sale of investments. It’s important to talk to your financial advisor about how to ensure you pay the least amount in taxes. There are many ways to avoid taxes, i.e., focusing on qualified dividends, investing in Master Limited Partnerships( MLP’s), holding your investments to achieve long-term capital gains, etc.


2. Income from Personal Activities: This income stream comes in the form of gifts, prizes, grants, etc. The federal government always wants “their share” and they take it from those receiving this income stream.


3. Employment Income- This the most common form of income and you can decrease taxes on this income stream with contributions to qualified retirement plans, medical plans, or other forms of tax-qualified benefits.


If you are a business owner, tax laws provide various forms of relief for you and your employees.


When it comes to taxes it’s vital that you work with your tax professional and financial advisor to ensure your tax planning allows you to be as efficient as possible.






Michael Dailey

Written by Michael Dailey

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