Big Moves

Apr 8, 2021 2:32:07 PM / by InvestorKeep

Big Moves


Why we track the big stock moves

A war was recently waged within the battlefield of the stock market. Gamestop had its stock both  bought and sold by hedge fund managers on one side and an army of investors on the other. The scenario seemed to pit David vs.Goliath in the form of retail investors vs. fund managers. The retail investors, having an army of 500,000, made it a little more like Goliath vs.Goliath. What’s most infuriating is that both sides appeared to be just playing a game. The loser of the game was the investor not part of either group that was taken for a roller coaster ride. 




Wild fluctuations in stock prices often mean something abnormal is happening, and decisions may need to be made quickly. This is why InvestorKeep sends alerts on drastic stock price changes: Knowledge is power and alerts let you and your financial professional make real time quality decisions for your financial future. Investing isn’t a game, and your portfolio shouldn’t be at the whim of others treating it as such. 






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